CTSM-R - Continuous Time Stochastic Modelling for R

CTSM is a tool for estimating embedded parameters in a continuous time stochastic state space model.
CTSM has been developed at DTU Compute (former DTU Informatics) over several years. CTSM-R provides a new scripting interface through the statistical language R.
Mixing CTSM with R provides easy access to data handling and plotting tools required in any kind of modelling.


CTSM-R is available through our local repository. To install CTSM-R in R simply run the following line:
install.packages("ctsmr", repo="http://ctsm.info/repo/dev")
if you get an error containing "status was '404 Not Found'", then try installing from source:
options(repos = c(ctsmr = "http://ctsm.info/repo/dev", getOption("repos")))


CTSM-R translates the models into Fortran code which has to be compiled at your local machine.


How to use CTSM-R is described in the CTSM-R user's guide and reference manual.


Heat dynamics of buildings and building components


For questions, bugs and comments please send an email to info@ctsm.info